I'm very interested in your sofas, how do I choose fabrics and customize?

Our ordering process is the following:
1. Chat with our design team via Whatsapp to review current fabrics available and to discuss sofa element configurations.
2. Our shipping & accounting team will follow up with you via email for sofa quotation and shipping costs. 
3. Once you confirm, a formal invoice will be sent to you via email for review. 
4. We start production as soon as deposit is received. 
5. Our current lead time is 2-6 weeks. 
6. Photos of your sofas will be emailed to you for review and for final payment.
7. You receive your sofa pieces. 

How do you accept payment?

Overseas clients: We accept payment by bank transfer/wire transfer.

Canadian clients: We can accept payment in Canadian dollars by Canadian interac (email money transfer). 

Local clients: We can take payments in HKD. Local pick-ups can be arranged to save on shipping cost. 

You can read about our payment policy here.

Can you make your sofas with requested or other materials?

Yes, we certainly can. For the eventual performance, please discuss in detail with our design team

How do I request fabric swatch samples?

For fabrics from our designer brands, you can order directly from our fabric supplier (or we can help you to order them). For our own fabrics, we gladly send fabric swatch samples to our clients. Our swatches are free. We charge a small shipping cost (30 to 45 USD depending on the number of swatches you would like and the shipping speed) for sending these to our clients from overseas. Once the client places an order with us, we will deduct this shipping cost from the total amount of the order, so the eventual cost is on us. 😊

Can we try your sofa?

Yes, you are welcome to purchase one sample module to give it try. And you can get a discount on your sampling. Please talk with our design team and we will have the piece shipped to you. 

Where are your gorgeous sofas manufactured?
Our French daybeds are hand tufted and upholstered in our studio in Asia. The wooden pieces for single seaters and corner pieces (where the back is constructed) are made with imported wood.
How long will it take to make my furniture?
Our production time fluctuates based on how busy our team is at the time of the year and the amount of our orders. Generally speaking our production time ranges between 2-6 weeks. Shipping and delivery time is extra.
Can I send in my own fabrics?

Yes, we welcome clients to send in their own fabrics. Please talk with our design team to check on the quality, elasticity of the fabrics first before you sending them in. We need to make sure these fabrics are suitable for sofa upholstery. 

You can read about our COM (costomer's own matrial) here.

Can I make the headrest adjustable or non-adjustable?
Yes, we can customize to your needs.
Can I customize my sofas?

Yes, please contact our design team via Whatsapp or by scheduling a consultation

Construction & Materials
What do you stuff your throw pillows with?

We stuff our throw pillows with goose down feather. If you are allergenic to down and need Trillium, please do let us know. We do offer other options. 

What is high density foam?

"High Density Foam" is a material commonly used in furniture construction for structure and stability. Generally speaking, the higher the density, the longer the foam (together with your furniture) will maintain its shape. A foam density index of 23kg/m3 or above is considered high density. We use foam density of 45kg/m3 and above. 

​Is there any batting between the foam and the fabric?

Yes, we wrap the memory foam with a layer of Dacron to reduce the friction between the foam and the fabric.

Are these French daybed sofas slippery against wooden floors?

Most of our clients place their sofas on carpets so these sofas will not slip about. If you plan to place your sofas on wooden floors, please do contact us prior to shipping. We can include anti-slippery mats in your packages. 

​Are your cushions fully hand upholstered? Can the covers be removed for cleaning?

Yes, our French daybed sofas are fully hand upholstered with a zipper closure. As they are fully upholstered and hand tufted, the covers can not be removed without professional help.  If you have small children or pets at home, and would like to have a seating pad to cover/protect your sofa pieces, we do offer customized additional seating pads to go along with your sofa pieces. Please see our product page. 

For cleaning,  these fabrics can be spot cleaned or treated with professional sofa cleaning services. 

Do you make outdoor sofas? Are they constructed differently?

Yes, we do make our sofas with both indoor and outdoor options. Our outdoor sofas are constructed completely differently from our indoor sofas. They are covered with outdoor fabrics that are water repellent and water resistant. The water will bead on the fabric and slide off. The bottoms of the outdoor versions are upholstered in a mesh fabric that is breathable and will help drainage and void moldy foam. We switch the inner foams with the mildew resistant, acoustical performance Dacron outdoor foams & quick drying Dacron wraps. The original wooden structures inside are replaced with stainless steel mechanisms. This will ensure there won't be anything rotten, fungus, or mold inside from the humidity of the weather. 

How are your cushions/mats constructed?

We are not fast furniture made on the cheap and susceptible to warping and bending. All of our seat cushions are constructed with a premium high-resiliency and high-density 2.81LB/ft3 foam core that is wrapped in Dacron. 
​Our cushions can be constructed with lower density memory foams but any foams with density lower than 1.8LB/ft3 will collapse over time. We can also use higher density memory foams based on your request.
We use 7.5 inch high density foam mattress with no bars, no springs, and the pure foam mattress = pure comfort.

What type of suspension do you use?

We do not use suspensions or metal springs with our French sofa beds. However, if you have a particular request to a certain type of sofa couch, please chat with us

Shipping & Delivery
What do I do if my sofas are damaged during shipping?

We do our absolute best to ensure your new furniture arrives to you in perfect condition, but sometimes things can happen out of our control during the shipping process. All furniture must be inspected for damage at the time of delivery. Any damage must be noted and reported to info@lilaandlin.com within 48 hours. Please take pictures of any damage and email us so we can quickly resolve this for you. Please refuse any furniture that is visibly showing major damage.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. We use shipping couriers and the logistics companies for shipping. 

How are your sofas shipped?

Our sofas are packaged with the utmost care. We do not use crates as the wooden pieces can harm the furniture and cause injury. We pack with bubble wraps and at least four layers of ABE flute triple wall cardboards. The packages are then shipped from our studio via trucks to the logistics company. From there they will transport to the ship to transport to the trucking company on land where your country is located. The trip can take anywhere between 4-10 weeks. Once the package finishes the customs clearance, the team will contact you to schedule a mutually agreed upon delivery time.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost varies based on your post code in your country, and the number of element pieces you would like. Please drop us an email info@lilaandlin.com with the pieces you have in mind along with your post code, we will run a good shipping estimate for you. We charge for real time actual shipping costs. 

Can I expedite shipping?

Yes, you can expedite shipping by sending via couriers such as DHL or TNT. If you need expedited shipping, please drop us an email with the pieces you have in mind and your address, we will follow up with you on a shipping quotation. 

Can I arrange for my own shipping?

Yes, we welcome our clients to arrange for their own shipping. We do not make profits off shipping costs and packaging materials. We focus on production and quality control only. Please do drop us a message if you would like to pick up your packages yourself. 

I’m not exactly ‘handy.’ Is your furniture shipped fully assembled?

Our French daybeds are constructed with a mat and a back support. The mat can be quickly inserted into the back support to make a sofa daybed. Most of the time, your sofa pieces arrive fully assembled. 

If you need special furniture assmbly instructions, we can easily arrange it for you with a call.

More related shipping policies:

Each delivery package will contain, in addition to your purchased Lila & Lin product: (i) all related accessories, if any; (ii) Product User Guide, if applicable; (iii) handwritten gift note(s) containing your message, if so requested by you when you place your order.
When ordering products through us, you will receive an invoice that will be sent to your email address as a .pdf attachment. You may also at any time later request an invoice by calling us or sending us a message.
We insure each purchase during the time it is in transit until it is delivered to you. We require a signature by an adult to confirm your acceptance of each product delivered, at which point responsibility for your purchased goods passes to you. If you have specified a recipient who is not you for delivery purposes (for example as a gift) then you understand and accept that evidence of a signature by such recipient (or at that delivery address) is evidence of delivery and fulfillment of the sale contract by Lila & lin and transfer of responsibility to the recipient in the same way as if the product had been delivered to you.

You can read more about our shipping policy here.

Returns & Exchanges
What is your return policy?

As our sofas are customized, the fabrics can not be taken off once decided, we will not be able to offer exchange or refunds.

Order Modification & Cancellation
Can I modify my order once it has been placed?

The manufacturing process starts very quickly. Once your order is placed, we can not accept any modification or cancellations. 


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